WEP 105: Wes Molyneux on How to Rock 1:1 Deployment and Professional Development

In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, I interview Wes Molyneaux on how to successfully implement a 1:1 tech deployment, how a district might be able to improve upon an unsuccessful attempt, creating great professional development opportunities, Apple’s Education Event in Chicago, and so much more. (Topics include but not limited to: 1:1 deployment, fixing a bad deployment, Great PD, instructional leaders, best practices, student engagement, Mar

I know you are going to love this interview! Wes is the director of technology in the Elkhart Community School district, an Apple Distinguished Educator, on the ADE Advisory Board for the Americas, a Google Certified Teacher L1 and L2, a great friend and a brilliant educator. Wes shares so much. He is Brilliant! Follow Wes on Twitter!

Wes Molyneaux is the director of technology integration in the Elkhart Community School District where he is accountable for the development of processes related to improved professional practice through technology initiatives and innovative professional development. This includes overseeing the technology integration team and ensuring the alignment of professional development to the teacher appraisal system and the strategic plan. Wes started his career at New Trier High School in 2006 teaching biology and anatomy and physiology.
After teaching for a few years he moved into a professional development role spending 50% of his time teaching anatomy and physiology to juniors and seniors and 50% of his time working with teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms.
In addition to teaching and leading professional development at New Trier and now Elkhart, he has presented at a number of different venues including; Mobile2012 in Arizona, ASCD Conference in Chicago, Apple Executive Briefing Center in Chicago, the CPS iPad Academy, several redefining mobile learning events in the Midwest at the ADE2013 Institute in Austin, Texas, at the ADE institute 2014, at EMS2014, at the EdTech Innovation summit in 2016, ConnectEd academy in Dallas in 2016 and 2017, SXSedu 2016, Innovation Summit in Nobelsville, IN in 2017, and at MACUL in 2017.  Wes will be presenting at ISTE in June of 2018, at iEngage-Midwest in April of 2018 and at 2018 IGNITE eLearning Conference in June on innovative teaching methods using iPads in the classroom.
Wes is a Google Certified Teacher Level I and II.  He is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and has served on the Apple Distinguished Educator’s advisory board since January of 2015.
Wes’s website is dedicated to helping teachers and students use the interactivity, portability and anywhere anytime learning capabilities of the iPad to increase student engagement and their overall learning.
Mentioned in this podcast: 
Planbook.com: The best way to plan, organize and share your lessons. www.planbook.com
Wes’s website: https://ipads4education.org
Apple’s March Education Keynote: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/march-2018/
A gadget Wes is hoping to get: A hand-held gimbal for iPhone.

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WEP 0100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Wired Educator Podcast

Who is Episode 100?

Thanks for listening to the Wired Educator Podcast where it really is all about becoming a better educator so you can make a greater impact and live a more dynamic life.

I am so proud to have documented the amazing stories of so many talented educators! Over one hundred hours of tips, tricks, inspiration and more helping teachers in their classrooms to make a difference in the lives of students.

One hundred episodes is a milestone, and I wanted to do something totally different, so… I did.

Buckle-up buttercup, this episode has a few surprises for you! Still, I guarantee you will walk away inspired and with a few new tools to put to use.

Thank you for being a listener. I hope you enjoy this episode. Please send me a message.

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Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller
Along Came a Leader by Kelly Croy
The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly
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Kelly’s favorite pen.
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WEP 0097: EduGifs An Interview with Jake Miller

In this 97th episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, Kelly interviews Jake Miller.

Jake is an authorized Google Apps for Education Trainer and is currently the Technology Integration Specialist for Brady Middle School in the Orange City School District in Ohio. At Brady, Jake helps manage the implementation of Google Apps, 1:1 Chromebooks and Schoology, while working with a team to envision the building’s future integration of STEM, Project Based Learning and the school’s new Fab Lab. He previously taught STEM, math & science in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District. Prior to that he taught 9 years of math and science in various grades. In his free time, Jake is passionate about sharing ideas, tips and support for educators through his website, Twitter account and the #EduGIFs that he creates.

Kelly and Jake talk about makerspaces, Fab Labs, Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, Productivity Tips, Screencast, and so much more. Get your notebooks ready because your brain is about to get full of knowledge. This is a fantastic discussion on education and technology.

Mentioned in this interview: 

Potato Pirates: A Card Game that teaches you programming. Great for classroom, family and friends.

Jake’s favorite book: DRIVE by Daniel H. Pink.

Jake’s website: www.JakeMiller.net

Camtasia screencast application.

FAB Central: MIT’s Fab Lab site.

TIES: Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

#EduGifs: A huge collection of Jake’s micro PD Gifs. They are awesome!


WEP 0094: Chromebook Best Practices, An Interview with Eric Curts

An Interview with Eric Curts

In this episode, Kelly interviews Eric Curts, one of the leading experts in Google Education and Chromebooks in classrooms.
Kelly and Eric talk about the best uses of Chromebooks in classrooms, the importance of creation over consumption, the 5 Cs of using Chromebooks, Erics top 3 suggestions for doing more with Chromebooks, how to “Tech-ify” a lesson, and so much more. This podcast is a must-listen for all educator and educational leaders.
Eric has been in education for 26 years, and currently serves as a Technology Integration Specialist for SPARCC in Canton, Ohio where he oversees Google Apps for Education implementation, training, and support, as well as other technology integration initiatives. Eric is an authorized Google Education Trainer and Innovator, and provides Google Apps training to schools, organizations, and conferences throughout Ohio and across the country. He is a co-leader of the Ohio Google Educator Group at bit.ly/gegohio and runs the award-winning blog www.ControlAltAchieve.com where all of his Google Apps and edtech resources can be found.
Mentioned on this Podcast: 
Kelly’s Favorite Christmas Book: The Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkely Breathed
The book that most-influenced Eric: Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath
Follow Eric on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ericcurts
Eric’s Channel on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ericcurts