WEP 0036: Man vs. Autism

My Interview with Toby Price

TP WETP WEToby Price is an autism dad and the new Principal at Richland Upper Elementary school in Richland Mississippi. He loves connecting with other parents, educators, and fans of pop culture. He spends time online tweeting about Autism, Parenting, Education, Star Wars, Comics, Puppets & other Super Serious Things.
Learn more about him at about.me/jedipadmaster
Follow Toby on Twitter at @JediPadMaster

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Planbook: Amazing web-based software for creating and sharing your lesson plans. Great features. Get a free year using the promo code: FREEyearWEP

Man vs. Autism: Toby’s Blog.

The Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch: Toby’s choice as a most influential book.
PuppetPals app
Remind: a great and free messaging system. Educators can send group texts to students, athletes, and other educators without knowing phone numbers, etc.
Dave Burgess Publishing: Great books for summer reading and leveling up.
ISTE: Super-awesome technology conference for EVERYONE. It’s not just for Science and Math teachers! Get there!
Star Wars in the Classroom: Exactly what it says it is; May the Force be with you.

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Kelly Croy is an educator, author and speaker. 

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What is EdCamp? My EdCamp Ohio 2016 Experience.

I attended Ed Camp Ohio 2016 at the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center in Tiffin, Ohio this past weekend. EdCamps are CustomLogo gifoffered all over the country in every state at various dates.  Find one. http://www.edcamp.org

The first reaction from most of my tech friends in education was, “What? You haven’t been to an EdCamp, yet?”  Now with my first EdCamp under my belt I would like to share my experience. 

The EdCamp experience is focused on the idea that everyone in attendance is an expert and a self-directed learner. Anyone can share and present.  You just walk into a session that you are interested in learning more about or wish to contribute. 

The morning began with an excellent breakfast sponsored by Air Squirrels. More than fifty teachers met in a ballroom and informally introduced themselves to each other, exchanged Twitter handles, and favorite tech sites, etc. Our host, John Kramer, explained the basic concept of EdCamp with us and directed us to a Google Document titled “Presentation Wishlist”  to formulate as a group areas that we have an interest. The Google Doc was dived up into the following categories: Technology, Pedagogy, Administration, Content Based, and STEM.  I am sure other categories would have been welcome, but these seemed to offer the space needed for everyone to brainstorm. 

Screen Shot 2016 04 30 at 11 30 27 AM

For the next 20 minutes the group of educators, including myself, created sessions on another shared Google Doc. Teachers decided where they would best be used as an expert or as an inquiring mind to learn more. 

The day was spilt into two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions of 45 minutes each with a delicious lunch sponsored by Air Squirrels.  We used the hashtag #EdCampOhio16 for both Twitter and Instagram as a backchannel to share our experiences.  Our host also used TweetBeam to share what everyone was talking about.  The entire event was a lot of fun and incredibly well organized. And… due to the amazing sponsors dedicated to helping educators… the day was free to all who attended. I was so impressed with the facilities and our host. What a treat to have such a special day organized for us to share and learn. 

I shared on how I use an Apple TV in my classroom as well as some amazing software like Reflector 2 and Air Parrot to stream student content and make recording of the incredible apps they use to create content and share their learning. I presented a second session on the DGI Phantom 3 drone and how our school is using it.  We took it out for a flight.  Everyone had fun. 

I used my afternoon to be an active learner.  I found two great sessions that are going to add some great value in my classroom. There were so many brilliant educators in attendance adding to the presentation. I think that is what is great about EdCamp! Everyone is encouraged to add their knowledge at any point. It’s great.  

The sponsors even provided door prizes for the educators. I started the day around nine in the morning and everything wrapped up around three in the afternoon. The time flew by and you could come and go as you wanted. I learned a ton and shared a little. What a great day!

The purpose of this article was to help you understand how EdCamp is different from other educational conferences and encourage you to attend one. 

Kelly Croy is an educator, author and speaker. 

You can subscribe and listen to his Wired Educator Podcast here.

Learn how to invite Kelly to speak at your event here.

Subscribe to The Wired Educator blog here.

Kelly’s book, Along Came a Leader is available for purchase here. 

WEP 0035: An Interview with Adam Bellow

bellow-adam-headshotKelly Croy interview Adam Bellow. Adam is a dedicated educational technologist and father. Starting as a classroom teacher, Bellow went on to create popular edtech tools eduTecher, eduClipper, WeLearnedIt, and Circuits. Adam currently is serving as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. He also serves as a board member for the EdCamp Foundation and speaks internationally about education and the power of technology to enhance learning.

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One of Adam’s most inspirational reads: Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson

Adam loves using Post-It-Notes. 

Adam created the following educational tech tools:




Adam created this  fun game:


Adam is a board member of EdCamp.

Adam is a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Adam’s productivity tip is using Trello to stay organized.

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This Book Should be on Every Teacher’s Desk! Seriously!


Teacher’s wear many hats, and in the course of the day we answer many questions too.  There are many great compendiums of information for classrooms, but the one I find most overlooked and yet most helpful is The Boy Scout Handbook.

Hear me out. Most people, I believe, see it as a resource for outdoor survival, and while that is true in part, I believe it is an excellent book for both girls and boys about becoming a great citizen and student, as well as a quick reference for educators to be prepared in emergency situations.

Furthermore, know that much of the book can be adopted and applied with only small changes in your classroom to assist with everything from project based learning to classroom leadership. It is amazing to see how even the implementation of the newest interests in education, such as maker spaces and challenge based learning, really have in common with Scouting. You will see in the handbook that there are many references for reflection as camping logs, and other logs.  Reflection is the key to learning. Many of the topics are also perfect as Genius Hour activities.

As a former coach of over nineteen years I thought I would remember everything I needed to know about basic first aid, and while our school has an excellent nurse, it really bothered me that I forgot some of my basic first aid training from Scouts. My daughter passed-out at church recetnly and fortunately a doctor, a nurse, and an EMT where nearby to help.  I wondered what would I do if this happened in the classroom. Would I just hover over the student waiting for the office to respond and send the nurse to my room? Of course not. We need to “Be Prepared.”

I have decided to take another first aid class and CPR class right away. I’m not embarrassed, our training becomes rusty when we don’t apply or revisit it. In the meantime, I noticed that the newest edition of the Boy Scout Handbook has just gone into print.

Not only does The Boy Scout Handbook have great first aid information, it also has awesome, illustrated examples of what to do in practically any emergency situation. It also explains our civic duties and responsibilities, how to display a flag correctly, and is packed full of great moral, ethics and leadership lessons for you and your students.  I find the Boy Scout Handbook inspiring and reassuring. It’s better than “just” a book on first aid because it covers all of the areas for students to become a super student, a super athlete, a super problem solver, a super leader, and so much more.

51F aiR79vL SX372 BO1 204 203 200

This is the thirteenth edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.  I am an Eagle Scout so my opinion on this book may be biased, but I really do believe it is an excellent resource for schools. Look at the requirements for the ranks and apply those to what you are teaching in your class.  I believe you will be surprised to see every discipline mentioned and high standards, as well as fun methods for learning portrayed in the book.

While the title does infer it is a handbook for “boys” I assure you that as the father of four girls it is a fantastic resource.

There are two versions of the book: the traditional handbook and the new spiral bound handbook. I think the spiral bound is best for teachers at just a few dollars more. 

Here are the table of contents:

Adventure Ahead
1. Character and Leadership
2. Citizenship
3. Fitness
4. First Aid
5. Aquatics
6. Nature
7. Outdoor Ethics
8. Hiking
9. Camping
10. Cooking
11. Navigation
12. Tools
13. Personal Safety Awareness
14. Awards and Advancement
Your Adventure Continues
Boy Scout Rank Requirements
Merit Badges
Leadership and Training Log
Hiking Log
Camping Log
Service Log

Let me know what you think in the comments.

WEP 0034: How to Use Video Chat in Your Classroom to Boost Engagement

How to Use Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts to Boost Engagement

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 10.15.25 AMIn this episode Kelly discusses the importance of using video chat in your classroom. Video Chat is great for all levels of education. It is a great way to bring in experts, go on virtual tours and field trips, and learn from other students around the world.

Kelly looks at the strengths and specil uses for Skype, FaceTime and Google Hang Outs and why you will want to treat each like a golf club and use each for certain purposes.

You absolutely want to check out the Skype in the Classroom website. It is incredible. Fit this into your lesson plans.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Planbook: The best lesson planning software available. Grab it! $12 a year.

Please take my survey on: Do Teachers Work Outside the School Day?

My Reading List from Dave Burgess Consulting: What a great resource of books to level-up as an educator!

140 Twitter Tips for Educators: Great book for using Twitter as an Educator. Read it.

The Classroom Chef: Sharpen Your lessons, Season Your Classes, Make Math Meaningful.

Ecamm Recording Software for Facetime

Ecamm Recording Software for Skype

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone: This is the mic I use for everything. It’s only $59.00. Love it.

Skype in the Classroom: I love this site! Check it out! Use it! Do this now.

…and so much more! 

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