Win a Wired Educator T-Shirt!

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Very excited to share the new Wired Educator T-shirt. My plan is to send these to guests that I interview for the Wired Educator Podcast, to guest bloggers, and have a couple contests each month and mail these out.  I think they look absolutely fantastic.  I am very happy with the design and look.  Hope you think so too.

I have two ideas for monthly contests, let me know your thoughts.

First, I thought readers and listeners could send in a Wired Educator Photo of the Month.  It could be anything really that fits into what we talk about here. Maybe a picture of a teacher in his or her cool work area, or surrounded by all of their gadgets. Perhaps a teacher with their students’ best work or accomplishment.  Let me know your thoughts on that in the comments.  

The other idea is to have an administrator nominate a send me a photo of their Wired Educator of the Month with a description of what this educator did with technology that is so awesome. I would send the winners a t-shirt, post the information and the names on our website and mention our sponsors. 

I think it is important for educators and students to be recognized.  I’m sure you do too.  

So, in order to start sending these out, I am hoping that a couple of sponsors will step forward each month to help cover the cost of having the shirt printed and shipped. The sponsor will of course be mentioned on the site and in the podcast whenever I name a winner. So, if you would like to have your company and product mentioned on Wired Educator Blog or the Wired Educator Podcast, just contact me and we can work out the details. You will be helping to clothe educators!

I have included two pictures of the design. On is on a shirt and a model. The other is a close up of the design. The word educator is made up of many of the tools and gadgets educators use. The word “wired” is in red and has a double-meaning. First, we are all wired in the sense that we are passionate. Second, if you are a techie like me, well wired is synonymous with technology.  

If you have any other ideas on how we can reward educators with these shirts I would like to hear those too.

I’m exited about this and looking forward to sending out some t-shirts. 

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WEP 0015 How to Become a Millionaire Educator: An Interview with Ed Mills

MillsFamilyAn  interview with the “Millionaire Educator” Ed Mills from Ed is a high school Spanish teacher in Georgia where he lives with his wife and fourth grade son. Ed blogs about financial independence and wealth building from a teacher’s perspective. He has amassed incredible personal wealth by applying his five pillars of financial independence.

Ed’s message and website is to help educators live a better lifestyle by applying some basic but important rules of finances. His fortune has been built not by speaking engagements and endorsements, but by applying some basic rules that you will learn in this podcast. (Sometimes Ed doesn’t even work full time.)

The book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley
You Need a Budget: Software to Help You Budget Easily and Wisely

October is Bullying Prevention Month: Here’s a Tool to Help

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October is bullying prevention month. In truth, as a educator, I know every month is, but this is the month that we try to bring national and global attention to solutions that help those impacted by bullying.

I am proud that schools invite me each year to speak and share my art to help students, educators, and families take action to reduce bullying.  I wish I could share my message to every school; I believe it makes a difference. I recently shared my art and words with 1400 students and staff at Perrysburg Middle School in Perrysburg, Ohio. It is always a joy talking with teachers and students about the importance of leadership.  In this particular presentation I was asked to kickoff the schools Owelus Bullying Program to help build leadership within the classes. It was a great day. 

iBooks to iTunes, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: 8 Steps to Publishing Your Students’ First iBook to iTunes

I asked Jon Smith, my friend and fellow Apple Distinguished Educator, to create the ultimate cheat sheet to help you get your students’ books to iTunes quick and easy.  Jon accepted the challenge and shares his incredibly handy tips, tricks, and hacks to get your students published. What Jon has done with publishing his students’ writing to iTunes is absolutely incredible. I wondered, “What is keeping others from doing the same?” Thus, the idea for this post was born. This is Jon’s second post on Wired Educator. Please connect with Jon on Twitter at @theipodteacher     

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.15.02 PMDo you want to publish an iBook with your class but you don’t know where to start?Do you think publishing sounds like fun but you’ve never published anything before and you aren’t sure you can handle it?

Do you have a classroom full of disengaged students who hate writing?

If you answered yes to any and/or all of these questions, you are in the right place. I’ve helped students write and publish 64 iBooks with students in grades K­12, students from over 35 countries worldwide and with my own 5 year old son. Many of these books were done with only 1 device. I started this process with zero experience in publishing and my own distaste for writing and now, we have become a student publishing powerhouse. If I can do it, so can you and below you will find my ultimate cheat sheet for getting started. If you can dodge a wrench, you can play dodgeball. This may not be dodgebal

Unboxing the Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone

Excited to share this video unboxing of the Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone by DJI. This drone combo came with many extras including a hard shell backpack to keep the drone safe.  Lots of cool tech to look at and use. This is the drone I advise schools (and anyone) to purchase and use.  It is affordable, safe, durable, and easy to use. I will be posting more videos of how we get started and how we plan to use this video.  I donated this drone to our school. We will do great things! Stay tuned.

Dear Presidential Candidates: We want an Education “Moonshot”


Democrat RepublicanThe purpose of this article is help make education a key talking point in the Presidential Election of 2016. Education rarely makes a top issue in presidential elections, but it seems this time around education may be  placed higher on the priorities of all candidates.

Education needs to be a main talking point.  Educators need a seat at the table.

In my district we have lost funding, closed three schools, taken pay freezes, and have become hardened to the fact that we must get resourceful for any of our educational needs. If education, students, and teachers can become a primary talking point I believe it will prove to help all involved.

The candidates are talking about education, at least a bit, but we need more.

Seven Reasons Why 12South’s HiRise is Perfect for Educators with MacBooks


I recently had the good pleasure of reviewing HiRise by TwelveSouth and it is a perfect addition to anyone that uses a MacBook.

To call HiRise a computer stand is like calling a Ferrari a car. HiRise is the perfect combination of elegance and function.

If you’re like me you’re probably thinking you don’t even need a stand for your MacBook, but you would be wrong.  When I was young I drove a car without air conditioning without any problems.  The HiRise, like air conditioning, is dearly missed when you don’t have it.

Here’s what I love about the HiRise in education:

1) Sitting is the new smoking: Every tenth tweet and post I read is about standing desks or the importance of standing. I believe it.  Well, the HiRise makes standing and sitting workspaces so much more comfortable and useable.  The keyboard and screen are at an ideal height. While difficult to convey in words, the HiRise simply must be used to be appreciated.

WEP 0014: An Interview with Roger Wagner

wagner3The Maker Movement is for everyone. Roger Wagner’s awesome software HyperStudio has allowed my students and me to create amazing interactive projects from earliest days of teaching to presently creating interactive iBooks Author widgets for the iBooks we build. In this podcast I interview the amazing Roger Wagner. We talk about the Maker Movement, his new project Hyperduino, and so much more. This is one of my favorite interviews because Roger has been such a hero to me throughout my teaching. Thanks for listening!


My Favorite iPad Mirroring App Enhanced: Reflector 2.1


A while back I reviewed Reflector and found it to be the most amazing method to mirror your iPad in the classroom, or anywhere really, because of its ability to record, host multiple iPad feeds, record voice narration, resize, show device template art, and so much more.  I still stand by that review, there is nothing better than Reflector to mirror your iPad, except, well, Reflector updated.

First, the new Reflector update will be unveiled in mid August. The new update will include features like YouTube Live Streaming, webcam sharing, Bluetooth Reflector Director, Student Discovery, an improved user interface and Reflector Student Support. This update will be free.

That’s right Reflector will be seeing an update in mid August, bringing it to Reflector 2.1, and there are several cool companion apps available to make Reflector even more useful to teachers.

Next, Reflector has just released Reflector Director, which is a powerful remote control for the Reflector app. This iOS app allows a teacher to control the settings for Reflector anywhere in the room.  It’s a paid app.

Last up is Reflector Student, which will arrive late August or early September. It will be a free app that allows students to pull the content that is being shared on the big screen to any mobile device.  Sounds very cool.


Create Books on Your iPad with Book Creator: New Features!


Book Creator is an essential app for teachers and students that allows users to create gorgeous books right on your iPad or tablet. 

I love creating iBooks using iBooks Author on my Mac, but I also love having the ability to build and publish with Book Creator directly from my iPad.  Book Creator is a robust app that allows you to add text, video, music, art, and narration to create. It’s easy and fun to use. 

You can submit your finished book directly to the iBook Store or Google Play Books from the iPad.  Book Creator uses the international ePub3 standard. You can share pages from your book to Twitter and Facebook to share what you have created.

One of the greatest features of Book Creator is that it is a great app for any age.  It is powerful enough for college students and professors to use, yet easy enough for a kindergartner to create. I use it in my middle school and recommend it to students and teacher  in all levels.

Another great feature is the “combine book” feature that allows students and teachers to collaborate on one project.  Each person can create pages for the book and then combine all the pages together and edit together for publication. This is ideal for class projects.

Students love to create and Book Creator allows my students to really use their various talents and limitless imagination. I believe Book Creator to be ideal for all subjects areas and grade levels, and an essential app for every iPad.  I just absolutely love it. 

Book Creator constantly updates the app with new features. In fact, Book Creator 4.0 will be out in the next month and the update will inlude Comic Book templates that will allow writers to make entertaining comics to share and publish. 

What’s new in the upcoming Book Creator 4.0:
  • Choose between a standard book or a new comic one. When you start a comic it’s the same Book Creator you know, but everything’s slightly more super!
  • Adding text gives preset comic styles
  • Speech bubbles, thought bubbles and other shapes can now have text added straight into them – just tap on the shape.
  • New comic backgrounds for your pages
  • New comic icons for audio and video
  • Great fonts licensed from Blambot studios – as used in Marvel and DC comics.