WEP 0056: An Interview with Jon Harper, the Host of the Educational Podcast, ‘My Bad’

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-58-00-amKelly interviews teacher, assistant principal, and fellow educational podcaster, Jon Harper.

Jon is currently the assistant principal at Sandy Hill Elementary School in Cambridge, Maryland. This is his 7th year serving as an assistant principal at the elementary level. Prior to becoming an administrator he served as a Math Coach and an elementary school teacher. During his ten years as a classroom teacher he taught first, second, fourth and fifth grades. During his sixth year teaching he earned Nationally Board Certification, which he held for ten years. For seven years he ran a Young Gentleman’s Cub that was aimed at helping young men reach their full potential.

Jon received a B.A. from Furman University while majoring in Philosophy. He later went on to earn his B.S from Salisbury University while majoring in Elementary Education. Jon was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to student teach in New Zealand. He eventually received his M.A. degree from Salisbury University in Public School Administration.

Jon lives in Cambridge, Maryland with his amazing wife and two awesome children.

Kelly and Jon talk about great ideas for schools, classrooms, and educational philosophy, as well as:

• Creating clubs in school

• Educational Podcasting

• National Board Certification

• Student Teaching in New Zealand

•Inspirational Podcasts, books and more.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

• Jon’s Podcast, “My Bad” on The Bam Radio Network

• UnearthED

• Boxer app

• Nuzzle app

• Ryan Holiday’s books:

Ego is the Enemy


The Obstacle is the Way

WEP 0055 If You’re Going to Have Homework, Do it Better! An Interview with Brandon Blom

An Interview with Brandon Blom

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-11-46-14-pmKelly is excited to interview Brandon Blom!

Brandon Blom is the principal of Stoneridge Elementary School in Roseville, CA.  He is passionate about making school fun for students and staff, as well as looking critically at what we do in our schools so we can meet the needs of our students. Brandon loves how technology allows us to connect and create like never before.  Brandon has been a CUE Rockstar presenter, NAESP presenter, and keynote speaker. You can follow him on Twitter @brandonkblom, email him at brandonkblom@gmail.com, or read his blog at brandonkblom.com.

Brandon just delivered a powerful presentation at Skywalker Ranch for Cue Rockstar, and I decided I had to have him on the show.

This is one of the most important topics The Wired Educator Podcast has addressed. Homework.

Brandon is brilliant. Find out why he had a one year conversation with his staff about homework, and wait until you see the result!

Mentioned in this podcast:

Cue Rockstar

The app Padlet.

The novel, Wonder.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

The app Chatterbox.

Google Sheets as a school day to-do list.

Brandon’s blog post on homework.

WEP 0054: The Education Calendar, An Interview with Adam Schoenbart

An Interview with Adam Schoenbart

superman-png-3In this podcast, Kelly interviews Adam Schoenbart, about co-founding The Educational Calendar website, designing a great classroom website, being selected as one of the 20 Educators to Watch by The National School Board Association, being an Ed.D candidate, and so much more.
Adam is a high school English teacher, technology coach, Google for Education Certified Trainer, and EdD candidate. He enjoys writing, presenting, and consulting on all education and technology topics. In 2016, Adam was named one of the National School Board Association’s “20 to Watch” Educational Technology Leaders and an ASCD Emerging Leader. He also co-created the The Education Calendar (theeducal.com), a crowdsourced map and calendar of education events worldwide. Adam teaches in New York and blogs about teaching and educational technology at aschoenbart.com.

Mentioned in this podcast: 
Pear Deck
Hardy Boys Mysteries
National School Board Association, Twenty Educators to Watch

Swift Playgrounds a great new app for the iPad to help students (and everyone) learn to code in Swift.

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WEP 0053: Why Your School Needs a Moonshot.

The Importance of Doing Epic Things!

moon-landing-1920x1200-wallpaperIn this podcast, Kelly shares how he and his colleagues work together in a common TEAM time to make their school year meaningful and memorable for their students, and to make the biggest impact on individual learners. Kelly shares his vision for schools to do a “moonshot” to gather everyone under a common purpose and goal. This includes TEAM branding with silicone bracelets, a common slogan and so much more. Your school needs to do something so big it could be come legendary, or an epic fail. Fun and learning will result in either. Take a risk and join us on our annual “Big Deal” as we really, really need your shoes. Seriously! Give this episode a listen. This is an inspiring episode.

Mentioned in this podcast:

The Ask Pat Podcast and the SPI Blog and Podcast.

Your School Rocks! So tell people… by Ryan McLane and Eric Lowe: This is the book my principal read and started his video newsletter.

Apple’s iOS 10 Launch where our school, Oak Harbor Middle School was featured on the wall behind Tim Cook!

Swift Playgrounds a great new app for the iPad to help students (and everyone) learn to code in Swift.

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The Wired Educator Book Club: Announces First Book and Our Closed Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2016 09 18 at 5 14 02 PM

This book club is starting October 1st. It’s free, but seats are limited. Request access now.

A few podcasts ago I announced the idea of a Wired Educator Book Club.  The idea is for all of the listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog to join for four weeks of a book study. I thought I could provide some access to the authors whose books we read to make the discussions extra special. 

The club is absolutely free, and created for the sole purpose to get educators together to talk about books making an impact in education. The group will be a ‘secret’ Facebook group.  All you need to do is to request access, get a copy of the book and access the Facebook page one a week and contribute to the discussions. 


I borrowed the idea for this book club from my assistant principal, Leigh Carroll. She has created a super-cool book club at our school. It is so much fun to talk about books with other educators. Great insight and applications at each meeting. Her book clubs are awesome, and I wanted to offer a similar experience to my readers and listeners. 

The Wired Educator Book Club will focus on non-fiction, education related books. I have a great list in mind, and will open the choice of the next book to a vote, most likely, of those who participate in the first book club to help choose the next. 

I will have the authors join us in the discussions. That’s right, you will direct access to the authors of the books and a myriad of amazing educational minds to analyze and apply aspects of the book.

I am not sure how big I am going to make the book club, so as of right now seating is limited. I am thinking of keeping it small, but we shall see what kind of interest develops and how the first book goes. 

The first book is Blending Leadership: Six Simple Beliefs for Leading Online and Off by Stephen J. Valentine and  Dr. Reshan Richards. Sketch notes by Brad Ovenell-Carter. Our first discussion of the book will be October 1, 2016. I was hoping to start this earlier, but the start of school and some other responsibilities prevented it. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. 

You can grab a copy of the book here, or anywhere you’d like. We start on October 1st. Order the book and start reading. Everything you need will be found in the closed Facebook Group. 

Be sure to request access to the “secret” Facebook group so you can engage in the conversation with the authors and other educators. I recommend requesting access now as we are going to keep the size small for this first discussion and then see about opening it up to more later. 

Here is the link to the secret Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/505084519684008/