Apple Creates New “For Educators” Section in iTunes Store

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Thank you Apple.

Apple published a brand new section in the iTunes Store today titled “For Educators” providing a huge collection of Apps, iBooks, iTunes U courses, and other educational resources just for teachers. I am so excited to see this great resource for many reasons. What a great location to direct a teacher that just received an iPad!

While there have been sections in the app store for recommended apps for high school, middle school, and other areas of education, this is the first time an iTunes Store section has combined a variety of resources aimed directly at educators. The new “For Educators” section recommends apps, iBooks, iTunes U courses and other educational resources for educators.

The “For Educators” page is designed to be a good first place to look for apps, books, courses, and collections of interest to professionals in the field of education. This education resource brings together content to help educators in their professional practice, highlighting lesson ideas, activities, sample courses, success stories, and professional development materials.  The resource links to curriculum by level and subject.

I visited the new site, and here is my one word review: AWESOME.

How To Back Up Your Computer

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Sooner or later, you are going to wish you had backed up your hard drive and important files. It’s inevitable. You might accidentally delete an important file or your hard drive could fail. Are you prepared?

I am always surprised to learn that most people do not backup their work. They always say, “I’ve been meaning to do that.”

What are you waiting for? It’s not expensive, difficult, nor even time consuming.  More importantly, it will save you time, money, and a lot of heartache when the bad time arrives and you need your backup.

Here are the steps I take to ensure I have everything protected and backed up:

Apple TV in Your Classroom: Tips, Tricks, and Rationale


Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.25.28 AMWith Apple’s latest announcement lowering the price of the Apple TV to $69, and below that on Amazon, now is one of the best times to add an Apple TV to your classroom. In this article I will explain why you would want an Apple TV and share some of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Apple TV allows the teacher the benefits of moving freely around the classroom because they are untethered as ADE Larry Reiff posted in his guest column awhile back. Larry highlights the use of AirPlay to stream content from his device to the projector wirelessly.

ADE Ryan Orilio, in another guest post, addressed the financial savings an Apple TV can offer when compared to interactive white boards. Now the price is even better.

RationaleWith an Apple TV, you can:

  • wirelessly stream content from your iPad over the projector.
  • wirelessly stream work from your students MacBook and iPads.
  • share any of the hundreds of thousands of iPad apps with the class.
  • use many of the educationally minded apps designed just for teachers, like Explain Everything.
  • share some of the amazing content found on Apple TV programming.
  • possibly replace your document camera and more!

Tips & Tricks Using the Apple TV

Challenge Mirroring the iPad: I have noticed some first-time users of the Apple TV have (Keep going for more!)

The Best Chromebook is… an iPad.

Screen shot 2012 02 14 at 3 20 10 PM

I have read many articles about which device is the best for education, the Chromebook or the iPad. Let me be clear from the onset: both devices are great for education. I believe there are many myths and flat out fallacies about each device that need to be explored.  After using both devices in my teaching I can clearly see the merits of using each. The iPad, however, clearly stands out as the best choice for many reasons, but I feel the one thing most people fail to consider, is that the iPad is also a Chromebook.

That’s right, the iPad is a Chromebook. I love using Google Apps for education in my classroom and the iPad has them all.

There are currently thirty-nine apps in the iTunes store created by Google for the iPad that include the Google Apps for Education suite:   Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail, Chrome web browser, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Calendar and more. Teachers even have a special app Google Classroom. Blogger and YouTube Creator Studio are available and fantastic for student reflection and creation. (Click “Continue Reading” below to keep going.)

The Apple Watch in Your Classroom

Apple Watch in Education Teacher Student School Classroom Wired Educator

The Apple Watch has arrived and it is just a short matter of time before they start showing up in your classroom.  Will they be embraced by schools, discouraged, banned, or utilized?

I hope other educators embrace the idea of an Apple Watch in their classrooms. I would be incredibly disappointed to see them banned.  I imagine some educational institutions will first look for the worst and assume the Apple Watch will be a distraction or an aid for cheating.

Innovative educators and learning centers, however, will embrace this new technology and look for ways to utilize its functions and future apps for possible classroom applications. Voice your ideas and let developers know what you’d like to see.

Either way the Apple Watch is coming to your classroom.

“It’s too expensive,” some will argue. No.  I have many students that bring $300+ headphones in to use when we are working on projects, they have expensive smartphones, and many have expensive clothes as well.

“It will be a distraction,” I can hear some voice. Well, I have witnessed students get lost in distraction with a mechanical pencil, a fly on the wall, and even a cloud. Excite them.  Engage them. Incorporate their interests.

“They’ll use it to cheat,” others will cry. Well, I for one

Skype in the Classroom: It All Started with a Tweet (We Skyped Africa!)

Snapseed-2Students meet with African students through a video chat and design a charity argumentative/persuasive research project to positively impact their new friends lives, all while meeting Common Core Standards.

This is a great project because it was: meaningful, gave the students’ reading and writing a genuine purpose, provided a real audience, and honed some ‘real world’ skills. The fact that it was fun, easy to initiate, and met Common Core Standards were added benefits.

Every classroom should be utilizing Skype, and it all started with a tweet. (Keep going to read and see more.)