My Thoughts on Becoming a Swivl Pioneer

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The Swivl is a robotic device that allows you to record classroom presentations professionally and easily, and store them on the cloud with analytics and discussions. The Swivl sounds like an incredible device for educators to use in their classroom.

I am honored to have been selected as a Swivl Pioneer and I am extremely excited to begin using the Swivl in my classroom. Since the announcement I have been flooded with ideas on how the Swivl can be used in education, and I know once I receive the device my students and I will find even more solutions.

Flipped Classroom: The popularity and advantages of  implementing a flipped classroom have been shared with me many times. I have not implemented flipped lessons in the past because I have not found a way to capture my energy and movement.  I want my flipped lessons to represent the real me, not a fake version of me sitting in front of a screen talking.  Swivl is a great solution for capturing genuine lectures and can truly capture the energy of the teacher and class. 

Review: AirParrot 2: Wirelessly share Content From Any Device

WE AirParrot 2

AirParrot 2 is another great application from AirSquirrels. I recently reviewed Reflector 2 by AirSquirrels. Where as, Reflector 2 allows you to stream your iPad (and other tablets) to your computer, AirParrot allows you to wireless beam your screen or media files to a variety of receivers.

I use AirParrot 2 to share my MacBook to my television screen, my Apple TV, and even to additional screens including my iPads. (To share your MacBook screen to your iPad, the iPad needs to be running Reflector 2.)

The video and sound quality of the stream is excellent. You can select different qualities and even use the stream as second, extended screen.

Reflector 2: Perhaps the Best Choice for Mirroring Your iPad in the Classroom

Screen Shot 2015 04 19 at 8 15 18 PM

Reflector 2 is an awesome application for your computer that allows you to mirror your iPad in the classroom. It offers some amazing features that make it stand out in my opinion as the best mirroring solution.

I love using my Apple TV in my classroom for many reasons, as outlined in several posts published on Wired Educator, and the wonderful application Reflector 2 by Squirrels doesn’t replace it completely. Reflector does, however, in my opinion, serve as a better solution for mirroring if you already have a computer hooked up to a projector.

Here’s why I love using Reflector 2 to mirror my devices:

Nozbe Productivity App Free for Educators!

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My favorite productivity app is free for educators.  I have tried every to-do app in the iTunes store, and I could not find one at any price that worked right for me. I thought I was destined to use the paper notecard for eternity.  That was until I discovered Nozbe.

I enjoyed using Nozbe so much I recommended it in my list of Best Productivity Apps for Educators, post, and I even signed up for the Pro-Plan for $9.99 a month.  (This tells you exactly how much I liked Nozbe, because I don’t like paying for apps and services.)

Now I have discovered that the Nozbe Pro-Plan is free for teachers. This is awesome!

Nozbe is simply the BEST productivity app and to-do list I have ever used. I create a to-do list, and project lists, and I can even assign or share project responsibilities with a colleague or student.

Here are the details from Nozbe about how you can apply for your FREE Nozbe account: 

A Robotic Cameraman for Your Classroom? A Review of the SWIVL

Jon Smith Explains How Classrooms Can Benefit Using SWIVL

This is a guest post from my friend and colleague Jon Smith. Jon Smith is an amazing educator who shares his passion for technology and learning with educators globally through his presentations, writings, and strong voice in social media. He is the Technology Integration Specialist for Alliance Schools. Follow Jon on Twitter here.

What is Swivl?

Swivl is an automated video platform that uses your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) or Android devices to record lessons, lectures, presentations and evaluations.  The Swivl is a small, round-shaped piece of electronics that connects to your iOWE swivlS device and records using the iOS or Android device’s camera.

What’s in the box?

The Swivl comes with a main base station, power adapter, multiple adapters to use depending on the iOS or Android device being used, a USB cable, stereo mini plug and microphone/control lanyard.


$399 – Swivl with Free Cloud

This is the basic package for automated video, heads up feedback and wireless projection (ex. Apple TV). Base, Marker, Charger, Lanyard, 3x grips with Free Swivl Cloud.

WEP 0006: Ditch That Textbook an Interview with Matt Miller

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 6.38.08 PMAn interview Matt Miller about using resources to supplement or replace your textbook  and creating learning materials that really engage students. Lots of takeaways from today’s episode, but the focus is primarily to get you thinking about how you use your existing textbook and a look at other possibilities. Matt is the author of Ditch That Textbook.

How Can I Learn to Code with Swift?

Swift wallpaper by gamariv d7lfmk5

There has never been a better time to learn to code than now.

First of all, there has never been so many excellent resources for learning how to code. Computers are in nearly every home, and if not, students can find them readily available at most schools and libraries. There is an incredible list of free resources for coding and some of it has even been gamified, making progress rewarding with badges and levels. The paid content is inexpensive and excellent as well.

One of the greatest reasons that I think this is the best time to learn how to code, is Apple’s announcement of a new programming language called Swift.

Swift has leveled the playing field for everyone. It just came out. Apple has provided an incredible amount of free resources to learn Swift. You don’t need to know any coding to use Swift.

Do I need to Learn Objective C in order to learn swift?