WEP 123: Code Breaker, Block Breaker, An Interview with Brian Aspinall

In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast I interview an amazing Canadian Educator name Brian Aspinall about his brand new book titled Block Breaker: Building Knowledge and Amplifying Student Voice One Block at a Time! Brian and I have a wonderful conversation that I know you will love and benefit. Enjoy!

Brian Aspinall is an educator and best selling author and is considered one of the brightest STEM innovators in Canadian education. His book, Code Breaker – 15+ Ways to Get Started With Coding, continues to top the charts in STEM Education with a focus on rethinking assessment and evaluation. Recently he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence for his work with coding and computational thinking. His enthusiasm, thought leadership, and approach to building capacity within STEM education has made him a sought after speaker throughout North America and has earned him the honour of being selected as Canada’s first Minecraft, Micro:BiT, and Makey Makey Ambassadors! Order Brian’s newest book, Block Breaker, here!


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Brian’s book Code Breaker: Increase Creativity, Remix Assessment and Develop a Classroom of Coder Ninja’s.

Brian’s newest book is titled Block Breaker: Building Knowledge and Amplifying Student Voice One Block at a Time!

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One of Brian’s favorite books is: Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas by Seymour Papert.

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