WEP 110: Why You Should Consider an Educational Doctorate: An Interview with Liz Meredith

An Interview with Liz Meredith

In this episode of the Wired Educator Podcast, Kelly interviews Liz Meredith about her recent accomplishment of earning a doctorate degree in education, and why you might want to as well, professional development, the Apple Distinguished Educator Program, how the position of Director of Innovation helps a school district, and so much more!

Liz Meredith is the Coordinator of Curriculum and Director of Innovation at Rolling Hills Local Schools in rural southeastern Ohio. She has more than a decade of teaching experience in middle school science and also spent two years as a curriculum writer for the Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University. She continues to conduct professional development workshops for other teachers on the use of educational technology in the classroom. In 2015, she became an Apple Distinguished Educator while also receiving NSTA’s Distinguished Teaching Award. This past spring she completed her dissertation on the impact of social media on educational technology integration and received her Educational Doctorate.

Liz’s choice for most inspirational book.

Mentioned in this podcast:

ZappyCode: Learn to Code with Nick Walter and his online coding course that teaches you how to make an iPhone app and so much more. Thank you ZappyCode for sponsoring this episode of the Wired Educator Podcast. I am a ZappyCode student, and I love and recommend the course for anyone interested in learning to code.

TouchCast: Create smart videos. TouchCast allows you to create and stream video that allows any file to be shared inside the video. The possibilities are exciting and endless. This is an app Liz recommends. 

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead: this is Liz’s favorite book.

Liz’s next purchase may be a 360 camera to create virtual tools of her school. The Samsung Gear 360 looks great for under $100, and the Insta 360 One looks to be the most impressive with every feature imaginable at $299. Not sure which one I will choose, but I love the idea. Here’s a list of other 360 cameras..

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