Swear Jar for Education #SwearJar4EDU

Inspired by the Marvel Superhero Series Luke Cage on Netflix

I created a Go Fund Me Page to encourage people to be better role models and to help two school districts who are being suffering from unfair educational funding practices in the State of Ohio. I hear people on TV using profanity, politicians using profanity, professional athletes using profanity, and more. So, it really shouldn’t be a surprise when we hear kids use profanity.
 I have devoted my life to education as a teacher for 27 years, and now an administrator.
Here are two things that bother me that I am trying to solve:
1) More and more people are using profanity, and children hear it! It’s awful.  Kids model what they hear.

2) Schools are incredibly underfunded. Many educators and classrooms are going without resources and training they want and need.

Let’s get the two together. If you catch someone swearing online, in a podcast, or in a text, in an email, or in person in public, or anywhere… send them the link to this virtual swear jar. Let’s have some fun and hold them accountable.


If you see it or hear it… tag it with #SwearJar4EDU and send them the link to to the Go Fund Me page.

Any and all funds collected will go to the teachers where my daughters attend school, Benton Carroll Salem School District, and to teachers where I work at Port Clinton City Schools.

I watched the Netflix Series Luke Cage and the barber shop had a swear jar in it. If anyone used profanity, Pop made them put money in the jar. I loved the idea.

I have been a teacher for 27 years, and now I am an administrator.  I know two things: kids need good role models and schools need money.

I think this is a fun and innovative way to help.

I see the money being used to promote literacy, project based learning and STEAM initiatives at both of the districts.

Due to recent deregulation of a nuclear power plant, both schools are suffering  incredibly high losses in unrecoverable tax revenue. PC’s loss is incredibly damaging, and BCS’s loss is catastrophic:


Please use and share this swear jar.


Kelly Croy