Why Amazon Should Choose Ottawa County, Ohio for Second Headquarters

An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos and The World

An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos:

Top Reasons Amazon Should Choose Ottawa County, Ohio for their Second Headquarters

Amazon is about to choose where to locate their second headquarters. Amazon has found success time and time again by making bold moves and taking risks. I have outlined below why Amazon should shock the world and choose Ottawa County, Ohio for the location of Amazon HQ2.

Dear Amazon,

Here are the top reasons Amazon should choose Ottawa County, Ohio:

  • Superior Transportation Access: Need convenient and quick access for transportation via land, air, and sea? Ottawa County, Ohio has you covered. Ottawa County is intersected by an incredible highway system. The Ohio Turnpike bisects the county East and West, and Interstate 75 runs North and South and is only 15-20 minutes away. Ottawa County is home to its own International Airport, and other major airports are nearby too.  Ottawa County dominates in access to railway systems. Ottawa County is conveniently located near International Shipping yards in Toledo. Amazon could not find a location with better access to transportation than Ottawa County, Ohio.


  • Location: Looking for the perfect location for convenience and safety? Ottawa County is not only near several UPS hubs and major United States Postal Service centers, it is centrally located in the United States, and on the Canadian border. Its rural setting and flat terrain make it incredibly safe and perfect for data centers, alternative energy initiatives, and secretive research and development centers. In fact, with the nearby nuclear power plant, Lake Erie, and international border, Ottawa County has superior safety measures already in place with border patrol, nearby military bases, and impressive local, law enforcement. Amazon could not find a better location for safety and convenience than Ottawa County, Ohio.


  • Supportive Community and Skilled Workforce: Need community support and a skilled workforce? Ottawa County is motivated, due to recent state financing decisions, to work cooperatively with incoming industry to offer great incentives for Amazon to locate their new headquarters here. Our community would be welcoming and supportive at a level beyond anyone’s expectations. Our schools and communities are in need of incoming industry and their enthusiasm would convert into incredible success for Amazon. Our area schools are excellent and would provide a reliable and skilled workforce for Amazon. Amazon could not find a more supportive community, nor a more enthusiastic and skilled workforce than Ottawa County.


  • Tradition of Excellence and Innovation: Need a proven track record of excellence and innovation? Ottawa County embodies the pioneer spirit of Ohio in making history repeatedly. Ford, Jeep, Honda, Scotts, Whirlpool, and countless other industries chose Ohio for this very reason. Ohio has given history seven US presidents, the Wright Brothers’ first airplane, Edison’s light bulb, the first man on the moon, and so much more. Amazon could not find a location with greater innovation and a tradition of excellence than Ottawa County, Ohio.


  • Opportunity to Make a Difference: Want to make a significant difference in the lives of others? Ottawa County needs you. Amazon is one of the most innovative companies in the world and they are known for their philanthropy and environmental focus. Ottawa County, Ohio offers Amazon a unique opportunity to make a difference by saving local schools systems, bringing life to small towns and communities, and providing jobs for an area in need. Ottawa County has been uniquely impaired by school funding policy and needs a hero. Amazon could not locate an area for a better opportunity to make a difference than Ottawa County, Ohio.

Amazon, Jeff, I hope you will consider Ottawa County for your new headquarters. I know one visit here, and you will see why it is the obvious choice.

Thank you for your consideration.



Kelly Croy

Innovator and Proud Ohioan