Kelly is the author of the nonfiction books: Along Came a Leader: A Personal & Professional Guide to Leadership, and What Everyone Needs to Know About Bullying: How to Get on with your Life When a Bully Steps Into It.

Kelly speaks at schools and educational conferences throughout the year.

Speaking & Workshops:

Every Educators’ Permission Slip: How to Level-Up as a Teacher, Avoid the Nonsense, and Make an Impact in The Lives of Students

Would you want to be a student in your classroom? Every student is one educator from becoming a success story. Kelly will show you how to make your class more engaging and fun, get incredible results, take less home, and celebrate the truly great life of being a teacher all while making a lasting impact in the lives of students. It is possible. Overwhelm, frustration and stress should not be the norm. Excellent results are achievable. Teaching and learning can be a joy.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Bullying: How to Get On With Your Life When a Bully Steps Into It.

Kelly will inspire, delight, and enlighten your audience on what it takes to make bullying disappear. Learn the secret to improving and promoting self-esteem, leadership and empathy. Leadership is the antidote to the bullying epidemic. Kelly provides solutions and resources for a bully-free, harmonious life, online and off.  

Along Came a Leader: Level-Up Your Personal & Professional Leadership

Leaders are not born, they are built. Discover what it takes to be a leader among leaders. Become a better communicator, build trust, hold others accountable, coach those you lead to become their optimal self, create a culture of innovation, results and fulfillment.  Make your organization a leadership factory. Kelly is the author of the nonfiction hit, Along Came a Leader. He will show you what it takes to be the leader of choice.

The Wired Educator: Dynamic Digital Design to Enhance Teaching & Learning with Technology

Unlock the gate to the path of improved instruction and increased engagement with technology. Discover what your 1:1 initiative could really do for your students, teachers and district. Stop doing technology wrong! Learn how to do it right. Kelly is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, and a PBS Digital Innovator. Every student can create, and every student should. Learn how to make classrooms more engaging and get better results by creating a curriculum that challenges your students to use technology to collaborate with their peers and solve real problems in their community. Creating with technology is the rigor, the relevance, the DOK 4, and the Quad D you have been seeking. Don’t just use your devices to consume, use them to create.


  • Instructional Makeover: How to Re-Design Learning in Your School to Make Curriculum Fun & Meaningful

  • Would you want to be a student in your classroom? How to Improve instruction, take less home, enjoy your job, and get better results.

  • From Teacher to Speaker: How to Become a Paid Speaker at Schools, Conferences and Events
  • Curriculum Mapping: How to successfully implement a curriculum mapping initiative in your district, obtain teacher investment, and keep it sustainable.

  • Instructional Excellence: How to coach and promote great instructional practices in your district and get them to spread like wildfire. Find out what good instruction is and spread it across your district.