The Wired Educator Book Club: Announces First Book and Our Closed Facebook Group

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This book club is starting October 1st. It’s free, but seats are limited. Request access now.

A few podcasts ago I announced the idea of a Wired Educator Book Club.  The idea is for all of the listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog to join for four weeks of a book study. I thought I could provide some access to the authors whose books we read to make the discussions extra special. 

The club is absolutely free, and created for the sole purpose to get educators together to talk about books making an impact in education. The group will be a ‘secret’ Facebook group.  All you need to do is to request access, get a copy of the book and access the Facebook page one a week and contribute to the discussions. 


I borrowed the idea for this book club from my assistant principal, Leigh Carroll. She has created a super-cool book club at our school. It is so much fun to talk about books with other educators. Great insight and applications at each meeting. Her book clubs are awesome, and I wanted to offer a similar experience to my readers and listeners. 

The Wired Educator Book Club will focus on non-fiction, education related books. I have a great list in mind, and will open the choice of the next book to a vote, most likely, of those who participate in the first book club to help choose the next. 

I will have the authors join us in the discussions. That’s right, you will direct access to the authors of the books and a myriad of amazing educational minds to analyze and apply aspects of the book.

I am not sure how big I am going to make the book club, so as of right now seating is limited. I am thinking of keeping it small, but we shall see what kind of interest develops and how the first book goes. 

The first book is Blending Leadership: Six Simple Beliefs for Leading Online and Off by Stephen J. Valentine and  Dr. Reshan Richards. Sketch notes by Brad Ovenell-Carter. Our first discussion of the book will be October 1, 2016. I was hoping to start this earlier, but the start of school and some other responsibilities prevented it. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. 

You can grab a copy of the book here, or anywhere you’d like. We start on October 1st. Order the book and start reading. Everything you need will be found in the closed Facebook Group. 

Be sure to request access to the “secret” Facebook group so you can engage in the conversation with the authors and other educators. I recommend requesting access now as we are going to keep the size small for this first discussion and then see about opening it up to more later. 

Here is the link to the secret Facebook group:


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