Review: AirParrot 2: Wirelessly share Content From Any Device

WE AirParrot 2

AirParrot 2 is another great application from AirSquirrels. I recently reviewed Reflector 2 by AirSquirrels. Where as, Reflector 2 allows you to stream your iPad (and other tablets) to your computer, AirParrot allows you to wireless beam your screen or media files to a variety of receivers.

I use AirParrot 2 to share my MacBook to my television screen, my Apple TV, and even to additional screens including my iPads. (To share your MacBook screen to your iPad, the iPad needs to be running Reflector 2.)

The video and sound quality of the stream is excellent. You can select different qualities and even use the stream as second, extended screen.

WE airparrot 2 screenshot

I really like how AirParrot 2 allows you to send content to multiple media receivers, even simultaneously. (I have not experimented with how many you can stream to, but I plan to soon.  Can you screen to a classroom of iPads running Reflector?)

You can choose to share audio and video, or just audio, or just video. You can even share just one specific media file or application. Very cool.

You can broadcast wirelessly to televisions, Apple TV, Chromecast, or share audio to AirPlay enabled speakers. No adapters are needed.

AirParrot 2 allows Windows and Mac users to share their media to any device.  It’s great.  Windows users can even share to AppleTVs. AirParrot 2 really does eliminate the concern of compatibility issues and it is extremely easy to use.

I have heard connectivity issues in the past from teachers trying to AirPlay to AppleTVs due to their school network configurations preventing it. Well, AirParrot’s Quick Connect Technology and Bluetooth discovery fixes that. (It really does.)

If you are familiar with the original AirParrot you will love AirParrot 2 even more. It is more powerful and the user interface is much easier and versatile.

Teachers will appreciate the ability to share just and application or media file so they don’t have to mirror all the contents of the screen with their students. You also have the ability to pause a connection, leaving the screen black and mute. You are still connected and can resume when you find what you are looking for, or you can easily kill the connection with the control panel display. Very easy and very safe.

AirParrot 2 costs $14.99 for a single license. It works great with Reflector 2.

Wired Educator is proud to grade AirParrot 2 an A+.

Comments: Keep up the great work! We love this app.

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