Reflector 2: Perhaps the Best Choice for Mirroring Your iPad in the Classroom

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Reflector 2 is an awesome application for your computer that allows you to mirror your iPad in the classroom. It offers some amazing features that make it stand out in my opinion as the best mirroring solution.

I love using my Apple TV in my classroom for many reasons, as outlined in several posts published on Wired Educator, and the wonderful application Reflector 2 by Squirrels doesn’t replace it completely. Reflector does, however, in my opinion, serve as a better solution for mirroring if you already have a computer hooked up to a projector.

Here’s why I love using Reflector 2 to mirror my devices:

1) Size Matters: Reflector 2 displays an adjustable box that allows you to display the entire mirrored screen. I have noticed a large border around my mirrored iPad using the Apple TV with the menu screen and some apps. I have attempted to adjust the settings, but nothing worked to get to the full screen. Until I used Reflector 2. Before some students in the back had trouble seeing some displayed apps. Not any more.  I can adjust the size by simply clicking and dragging a corner of the box.

2) Use Any Device: If your school is utilizing Bring Your Own Device or implementing Genius Hour where students bring their devices in on certain days, students with devices other than iOS devices will not be able to mirror. Reflector 2 mirrors almost any device. Android can share with Google Cast and iOS users use AirPlay.

3) Multiple Devices: Yes, you can mirror more than one device at a time.

4) Recording: You can use Reflector 2 to record what you are doing on the device and capture an audio of your explanation while using the device. Great for creating demos and instructional videos. A movie is created on the desktop and you can share it anyway you wish. Using Voice Over with mirroring is a teacher’s best friend.  I love this feature. There is a record button in the top left. Yep, it’s that simple. You can even record more than one device at a time. (You can use device frames if you wish to make it look super cool, the video format is ready for app store if you need that, and YouTube Live Streaming is promised to be a feature soon, as well as a webcam feature.)

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5) Easy: Using Reflector and AirPlay on your device is super easy. The developers have invested a great deal of time to getting the User Interface just right. There is no need for directions or tutorials. Using Reflector 2 is easy from start to finish. You don’t need cables, or other devices. If you have a computer hooked up to a projector and a wireless network you are ready to go.

6) Security: Teachers don’t want just anyone streaming, whatever they want from wherever they’re at, so Squirrels has built in several layers of security that is easy to use. You can choose: Quick Connect Codes, On Screen AirPlay Codes, or a Connection Prompt. It’s your choice.

7) A Companion App: Squirrels made an called Reflector Director ($4.99) that allows you to do just what it says, be the director of what is mirrored. Using the app, you can: show and hide devices, emphasize particular devices, change frames, and preview images before mirroring.

All in all, Reflector 2 is an awesome application for any teacher that is mirroring devices in their classroom. Honestly, I reviewed that software heavily and it is flawless.

Reflector 2 sells for $14.99 for a single computer license, $62.99 for five, and you can request a quote if wishing to mirror more. It works with both Macs and Windows computers. The companion app, Reflector Director, is available in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Wired Educator grades Reflector 2 and A+ and recommends it for all classrooms.

Comments: Plays well with others. Keep up the excellent work. I love having the ability to create videos of iOS apps with Voice Over so easily.

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