Recess! Greatest Apple Watch Night Stand Ever! Mac Classic! Vintage

My friend and fellow educator Johnny Kissko posted a picture on Facebook yesterday of his new Apple Watch night stand that looked like a miniature, vintage Macintosh Classic. I ordered it on the spot.

This is the coolest Apple Watch night stand that I have ever seen, and it’s only $12.99.

Well, mine arrived today, and I love it. Teachers need to be up early and on time, and I’m an Apple fanboy. Here’s my review:

My first concern was whether it would manage the cord well? Yes! The charging cord threads through easily, securely, and keeps the cord out of the way. I love it.

My second concern was whether or not it would be weighty enough, or if it would be easily knocked over on my nightstand. It’s perfect. The little Macintosh Classic is hefty enough that remains upright and in place when bumped. It is the perfect weight, and the silcone material is soft yet durable.

I really like that it supports nightstand mode and makes looking at your watch like a little Macintosh Classic. I actually owned a Mac Classic; it was my first Mac back in 1991.

I really wanted to share this cool Apple Watch stand with you. I hope you think it’s cool too. You can order your’s for $12.99 right here. (Normally $19.99, but I would have still paid it.

Wired Educator grades this nightstand an A+ and my comments are: Grab it!

Here is the link to order your Vintage Macintosh Classic Apple Watch Night Stand. 

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