We’re Number 12! We’re Number 12! We’re…

Wired Educator Podcast Ranked 12 of 36

I love happy email, and today I received a really cool one:

We're Number 12

There probably aren’t too many sports teams or corporations that go around bragging about being twelth, but let me tell you, I am EXCITED.

When you create content and put yourself out there you are immediately hit with three fears: 1) Is anyone listening? 2) Does anyone like it? 3) Do they think I have a big ego or something?

The Wired Educator Podcast is just a little over a year old, so to make it to any list is a happy surprise. I work hard to create good content and to share and archive the stories of talented educators. I really take pride in what I do, and I enjoy it.  My goal, my dream, my mission… is to create content that positively impacts education for teachers and students.

Yeah, I am excited and humbled to receive an email that lets me know people are listening, they like it, and they understand I am trying to make a positive impact.

Thank you Fusion Year Books for including me with so many excellent podcasts. Congratulations to everyone on the list.

We’re number 12! Yay!

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