Create Study Tools for iPods using iWriter

Here is another clever addition for our iPod in Every Classroom Initiative.

Talking Panda has created a slick application called iWriter that lets you easily create study tools for an iPod. Text and audio files can be placed on a 5th Generation iPod or iPod Nano.

iWriter’s format is similar to the layout of PowerPoint. You select from one of the eight templates and type or copy and paste the content you desire.  You can also create your own templates. You can even link it to an audio file on your iPod. The application provides a preview screen so you can see what you have designed. You can easily export it to your iPod. (Other export features are available. For example, .Mac Accounts, email, and other options.)

iWriter is available for both Mac and PC. The price in my opinion is steep at $29.95.  You can try a FREE 15 day trial to see if it is right for you before purchasing it. I like it for a nice way to not only get text on an iPod but also to create links within that text to actual audio content.

You can view a demonstration of iWriter in action here.

Wired Educator Recommendation: Go for the 15 day trial and bookmark the Web site it to see if the price drops.  Sorry, but $30 bucks is a deal breaker.


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