Create Books on Your iPad with Book Creator: New Features!


Book Creator is an essential app for teachers and students that allows users to create gorgeous books right on your iPad or tablet. 

I love creating iBooks using iBooks Author on my Mac, but I also love having the ability to build and publish with Book Creator directly from my iPad.  Book Creator is a robust app that allows you to add text, video, music, art, and narration to create. It’s easy and fun to use. 

You can submit your finished book directly to the iBook Store or Google Play Books from the iPad.  Book Creator uses the international ePub3 standard. You can share pages from your book to Twitter and Facebook to share what you have created.

One of the greatest features of Book Creator is that it is a great app for any age.  It is powerful enough for college students and professors to use, yet easy enough for a kindergartner to create. I use it in my middle school and recommend it to students and teacher  in all levels.

Another great feature is the “combine book” feature that allows students and teachers to collaborate on one project.  Each person can create pages for the book and then combine all the pages together and edit together for publication. This is ideal for class projects.

Students love to create and Book Creator allows my students to really use their various talents and limitless imagination. I believe Book Creator to be ideal for all subjects areas and grade levels, and an essential app for every iPad.  I just absolutely love it. 

Book Creator constantly updates the app with new features. In fact, Book Creator 4.0 will be out in the next month and the update will inlude Comic Book templates that will allow writers to make entertaining comics to share and publish. 

What’s new in the upcoming Book Creator 4.0:
  • Choose between a standard book or a new comic one. When you start a comic it’s the same Book Creator you know, but everything’s slightly more super!
  • Adding text gives preset comic styles
  • Speech bubbles, thought bubbles and other shapes can now have text added straight into them – just tap on the shape.
  • New comic backgrounds for your pages
  • New comic icons for audio and video
  • Great fonts licensed from Blambot studios – as used in Marvel and DC comics.

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