Khan Academy Announces 21 Free Apps and New and Updated Courses

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I received a very nice email from Khan Academy this morning. I am very impressed with all they have to offer learners. It really is amazing at how well developed and organized the Khan Academy is and the depth of learning you can access.

Teachers can use the site to supplement, reinforce and enhance the classroom experience. Students can use it independently or for remedial work.

The only area that I can find Khan lacking is in Reading and Writing. I would love to see Khan acquire or partner with Newsela to offer students great, contemporary nonfiction articles that are interesting to readers complete with text dependent questions and a writing prompt. Khan seems to cover everything well except for ELA.  I use both Newsela and Scope magazine for my seventh graders. The students are interested in using these resources because there is great variety and they are current. The metrics, diagnostics, and organization is okay and will hopefully improve. Newsless and Scope are NOT free, and this is really my point. Everything Khan offers is free.  It would be great to see a partnership or acquisition by Khan of these two sites, and then I think, Khan would be complete. (I’d also add some Swift programming course and some art resources if you’re asking.)

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21 Free Apps for Young Learners:

Khan has partnered with Duck Duck Moose, a developer of apps for young learners, is making all 21 of their Apps free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. These are great educational apps every young student should have on their device. 

 The Khan Academy: 

Khan has added some new courses and updated others. What a great list! Here is everything Khan Academy has to offer, organized for you in one concise space, complete with hyperlinks: 

Hi Kelly Croy,

As you head back to school, there’s only one thing you need to know: you can learn anything. Khan Academy is here to be your personal tutor throughout the school year. We have thousands of videos, articles, and exercises to help you sharpen your skills anytime, anywhere, all for free.

Here are some things you can learn on Khan Academy:

Advanced Placement & college prep
AP Calculus AB AP US history
AP Calculus BC AP Art history
AP Physics 1 SAT
AP Physics 2 College admissions 
AP Chemistry
K-2nd grade Algebra I
3rd grade Geometry
4th grade  Algebra II
5th grade  Trigonometry
6th grade  Statistics & probability
7th grade  Calculus
8th grade  Differential equations
Arithmetic Linear algebra
Science & engineering
Biology Health & medicine
Physics Electrical engineering
Chemistry Cosmology & astronomy
Organic chemistry
Computer programming Computer animation
Computer science
Arts & humanities
Art history US history
Grammar World history
Economics & finance
Microeconomics Finance & capital markets
Macroeconomics Entrepreneurship

Happy learning!
Girish and the Khan Academy team

WEP 0037: Breakout EDU, An Interview with James Sanders

An Interview with James Sanders, The Founder of Breakout EDU

James Sanders headshot Wired EducatorKelly interviews the founder of Breakout EDU, James Sanders. This is a wonderful interview about making your class engaging. We discuss technology in the classroom on many levels.

James Sanders is the founder of Breakout EDU and the Chief Innovation Officer at EdTechTeam. layreviously, James was White House Presidential fellow where we led the development of Future Ready Schools and the White House Film Festival. James got his start in education as a middle school history teacher in South Los Angeles where he pioneered the use of Chromebooks in the classroom. His current passion is creating daily video blogs on his YouTube Channel

Mentioned in Kelly’s Pre-Roll:

• Planbook is sponsoring the hosting costs for today’s podcast and giving you a free year with the promo code: FREEYEARWEP. is the best software for any device to create and share your lesson plans with standards and so much more. Planbook is awesome.
• The Create Conference hosted by Chris Hamady: June 6
• Rumble Roller: Textured Muscle Foam Roller: Manipulates soft tissue like a massage therapist for a teachers sore feet, legs, back, neck and more. Love this!

• Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lesson for analyzing texts and Life: by Christopher Lehman
• Socratic Circles: Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in Middle and High School by Matt Copeland

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Mentioned in the Podcast:
• James Most influential read: Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Breakout EDU
• The Breakout EDU wooden Box Kit
• EdTech Team
• White House Presidential Fellow
• James likes the online site Socrative for the classroom.
• BirdBrain Technologies

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WEP 0035: An Interview with Adam Bellow

bellow-adam-headshotKelly Croy interview Adam Bellow. Adam is a dedicated educational technologist and father. Starting as a classroom teacher, Bellow went on to create popular edtech tools eduTecher, eduClipper, WeLearnedIt, and Circuits. Adam currently is serving as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. He also serves as a board member for the EdCamp Foundation and speaks internationally about education and the power of technology to enhance learning.

Mentioned in this podcast:

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One of Adam’s most inspirational reads: Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson

Adam loves using Post-It-Notes. 

Adam created the following educational tech tools:




Adam created this  fun game:


Adam is a board member of EdCamp.

Adam is a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Adam’s productivity tip is using Trello to stay organized.

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Win a Wired Educator T-Shirt!

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Very excited to share the new Wired Educator T-shirt. My plan is to send these to guests that I interview for the Wired Educator Podcast, to guest bloggers, and have a couple contests each month and mail these out.  I think they look absolutely fantastic.  I am very happy with the design and look.  Hope you think so too.

I have two ideas for monthly contests, let me know your thoughts.

First, I thought readers and listeners could send in a Wired Educator Photo of the Month.  It could be anything really that fits into what we talk about here. Maybe a picture of a teacher in his or her cool work area, or surrounded by all of their gadgets. Perhaps a teacher with their students’ best work or accomplishment.  Let me know your thoughts on that in the comments.

The Complete Guide to Evernote in Education: Book Review

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Nicholas Provenzano, also known as ‘The Nerdy Teacher’, has created a wonderful resource for educators with his eBook, The Complete Guide to Evernote in Education

This book contains many great examples of innovative and practical uses for any classroom, for any teacher. 

(One lucky reader that leaves a comment below will receive a free copy.)

The Complete Guide to Evernote in Education is an excellent resource for all educators. Provenzano makes the case for “Why Evernote?” in his introduction and documents excellent uses for teachers in any grade level in any field. Furthermore, he backs up his reasons for using Evernote in education with excellent, real-world examples that we can employ immediately upon reading.