WEP 0063: Jennifer Serravallo on Reading Strategies and Writing Strategies

An Interview with Jennifer Serravallo, Author of The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book

Kelly interviews author, speaker, and educator, Jennifer Serravallo in this 63rd episode of The Wired Educator Podcast.

Jennifer is the author of several awesome books on education including: The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook, The Reading Strategies Book and her upcoming Writing Strategies Book. Kelly and Jennifer talk about her writing, and great reading and writing practices.

Remember, all educators are teachers of reading and writing.

Jennifer was a teacher in Title I Schools in NYC, and later a Senior Staff Developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. She is now a national consultant and speaker who helps urban, suburban, and rural schools implement exceptional literacy instruction. She is the author of numerous books on the teaching of reading and writing including the New York Times bestseller, The Reading Strategies Book and the two-time award-winning Independent Reading Assessment series. Her latest book, The Writing Strategies Book, will be released in February 2017. Check out her blog at www.jenniferserravallo.com and tweet her @jserravallo.

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The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo.

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The Art of Teaching Writing by Lucy McCormick Calkins.

In the Middle, Third Edition: A Lifetime of Learning About Writing, Reading, and Adolescents by Nancy Atwell. 

Jennifer’s podcast: Teachers Ask Jen Serravallo!

Jennifer is on Twitter: @jserravallo
Jennifer’s blog and website: www.jenniferserravallo.com
Jennifer’s Facebook group connected to Reading and Writing Strategies:
Heinemann: www.heinemann.com
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WEP 0045: Moving at the Speed of Creativity, An Interview with Wes Fryer

wes-250Kelly Interviews Apple Distinguished Educator, speaker and author, Wes Fryer about “The Learning Revolution” and more.

Dr. Wesley Fryer is an author, teacher, technology director, speaker, digital storyteller, and change agent. He is the Director of Technology for the Casady School in Oklahoma City. In 2013-2015 he taught 4th and 5th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at Independence Elementary in Yukon Public Schools in Oklahoma. Wesley completed his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Tech University in 2011. He is the author of several books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate, tell stories, teach and assess learning. His “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” book series and digital literacy framework focuses on helping students “show what they know” with media and create digital portfolios. Wes maintains a library of multimedia-focused training and instructional videos on PlayingWithMedia.com. He leads 3 day iPad Media Camps (www.ipadmediacamp.com) teaching educators how to effectively use iPads in the classroom to create narrated slideshows, quick edit videos, and interactive writing. He also co-facilitates multi-day STEM professional development workshops for teachers. Wes became a Google Certified Teacher in 2009, was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2005, and a PBS Digital Innovator in 2014. He helps organize free EdCamp and PLAYDATE professional development events in Oklahoma, an annual writing conference in Oklahoma City, as well as the free, annual K-12 Online Conference each year.

Stay up to date with Wes by following him on Twitter (@wfryer), FacebookGoogle+, and liking the Facebook pages he periodically updates for Playing with Media and Speed of Creativity Learning LLC. Wes also encourages you to follow the K-12 Online Conference on Twitter (@k12online) and Facebook, as well as subscribe to the conference blog.

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BoinxTV is Now mimoLive

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My favorite software for producing live video feeds such as video morning announcements, school television programs, and more has changed its name.  BoinxTV is now mimoLive. Besides the change of name, the this awesome software is now moving toward a subscription model. Booing is promising a “giant leap in user experience.”

Screen Shot 2016 01 01 at 12 22 54 PM

I have not had the pleasure to try the update but if mimoLive is an improved version of BoinxTV that is saying a lot as I can not imagine how BoinxTV could get any better.  It is simply the best software for producing television program in education. It sounds life mimoLive retains all of the features of BoinxTV, but I will let you know for sure if I get an opportunity to test drive it.

Screen Shot 2016 01 01 at 12 21 09 PM

I first wrote about BoinxTV on Wired Educator a few years ago and have seen in in action at several schools with a video editing room or broadcasting class. In my review I graded BoinxTV an A+ and sang it’s praises. I hope I can do the same for mimoLive.  It’s amazing watching students create a professional quality program with the software. You can read my earlier review on BoinxTV here. 

mimoLive, according to the press release, plans to improve upon the earlier software by providing users faster access to updates and new features which they are promising is in their pipeline. mimoLive is available with a 1 year license for education at $99.99 with a couple of add-on features such as One-to-One Coaching for $99.99 and other add-ons from $39.99 to $999.99. I’m not sure if schools will need or want these add-ons, but the expensive $999.99 custom add-ons are for directly working with Boinx for customized templates and layers; they create it for you.

I have marveled at Boinx’s software and I have found excellent use in my classroom for everything Boinx has created. I am confident mimoLive will maintain both Boinx’s high quality standards as well as their education-minded focus and ease of use.

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The Perfect Drone for Education: The DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Screen Shot 2015 05 05 at 10 27 57 PM

I have been fascinated by the idea of having a drone at our school for some time, and as the ease of use increases, and the prices decrease, the possibility for schools to utilize drones has finally arrived. 

I have been researching drones for education for quite some time and plan to write about how they can be used to benefit school districts in future posts. My research has led me to several amazing candidates for the perfect drone for school systems, but one, I believe may very well stand head and shoulders above the competition.  It will be unveiled May 30th, 2015.

The drone I believe may be the solution for schools is The DJI Phantom 3 Drone.

iBook Hack Event: Learn to Make Amazing iBooks

Do you want to make amazing iBooks? Learn from the best at iBook Hack Event in Zeeland Michigan on June 29 through July 1, 2015. 

Here are the details from the website

The Hackathon’s purpose is to train educators in designing high-quality, media-rich, Screen Shot 2015 05 03 at 9 48 11 PM interactive iBooks for education. This event is put on by experienced teachers for innovative teachers looking to impact their learning environments. 


The Hackathon is set up to differentiate instruction based off your current ability. From beginner to published author, the hackathon will take your knowledge of iBooks Author and instructional design to the next level. 




A time of peer review will provide you with critical feed back on how to improve your content. In the end, you will be amazed by what you can create and how great an impact it can have on your teaching and learning.

Screen Shot 2015 05 03 at 9 52 53 PM