WEP 0029: Through Students’ Eyes

An Interview with Jim Harmon

Wirededucator.com Jim HarmonKelly interviews author, Jim Harmon. Jim has taught high school English, computers, and video production in the Cleveland, Ohio area for 18 years and is co-founder of Through Students’ Eyes. He received his B.F.A. in Photojournalism from the Rochester Institute of Technology and his M.Ed. in Computer Uses in Education from Cleveland State University, where he was named a Distinguished Alumnus, 2008. Harmon was an adjunct teacher educator in educational technology at Baldwin Wallace University and Cleveland State University. He currently delivers professional development nationally. You can follow him on Twitter: @jimharmon

Jim has co-authored Through Students’ Eyes with Kristien Zenkov. I hope to interview Kristien in a later episode about his amazing impact in education.

In the pre-roll, Kelly offers some great tips on how to determine the best time to buy a new Apple product, he discusses new educational books that he is reading, offers a few shout-outs to supporters of the show, his acceptance to the Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Berlin, Germany and more!

WiredEducator.com Through Students EyesMentioned in this Podcast:

• Jim’s website regarding the Through Students’ Eyes Project and book: http://www.throughstudentseyes.org

A 20% Discount Code for Jim’s Book Through Students’ Eyes at Rowman and Littlefield Publishing using Code: RLEGEN16
• Jim Harmon’s Book: Through Students Eyes Available on Amazon
• Please note: Jim is donating all of his proceeds from this book to a nonprofit foundation to support the Through Students Eyes Project. Awesome!
• www.WhenisKeynote.com
• www.buyersguide.macrumors.com

• Michael Hyatt’s book Living Forward
• Play Like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins
• The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros
• Master the Media by Julie Smith
• How Much Water do We Have? by Pete and Kris Nunweiler
• Along Came a Leader by Kelly Croy

…and so much more! 

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Creative Cloud Gives Teachers Every Adobe Creative App for 68% Off. Ends Friday.

Okay, this might just be my favorite Black Friday Deal for Educators but you will need to lock in before this Friday. (Offer Ends November 27th.)

I use a lot of apps for layout, editing, drawing, and more, but I keep coming back to Adobe, and… I think Adobe in some ways is getting even better by allowing what you make on your desktop via Creative Cloud to be readily accessible and editable on your iPhone and iPad. The only problem with the Adobe collection of course is the monthly fee.  For educators the fee is reduced to $19.99 a month, but with their Black Friday Sale you can get access to every single app (21 awesome apps) for $15.99 a month for one year.  For non-teachers the suite is typically $49.99 a month,

Screen Shot 2015 11 25 at 10 01 36 PM

For $15.99 you get access to over 20 Creative Cloud apps on all of your devices and 20GB of online storage.

I have not yet purchased the plan but I am really considering it.  When I was in the final stages of publishing my book the designer I was working with sent me proofs of layout in Adobe InDesign and I keep finding myself coming back to photoshop for some killer illustration tools. (Yes, I use Pixelmator and Procreate too.)

I really like how the apps are in the cloud and are automatically updated.  I like the online storage.  I love that the apps are updated and maintained without additional fees.  I think $15.99 is getting closer to a price-point for educators and students, but we’re not quite there yet. It’s a good start, but would really like to see this service at $99 or less for educators and students per year.

I just wanted educators to be aware of this Black Friday Special.  I love it when companies have special pricing for educators.  (Everyone should.)

You can pick up the special pricing for all Adobe apps and cloud space here.  Offer ends Friday, November 27th.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I am anxious to read from those who use Adobe’s Creative Cloud and from those who have abandoned it.

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Get 11 Amazingly Useful Apps with the Black Friday Mac Bundle

Amazing deals and bargains are popping up everywhere, and most of them are already driving me crazy.

I do however enjoy a good deal on some software that I can download easily and avoid the craziness at the malls.

If you like that too, here you go:

The time of year where we start looking for the best deals out there. The time of year where we want to get the most bang for our buck wherever we can.

 Here is a great Mac Bundle of Software! You’ll get 11 amazingMac apps for the low price of $49.99 – a savings of 88%!

Here’s what you get: (regular price is listed in parentheses):

MotionComposer ($149): Wired Educator reviewed this powerful software earlier in the year and love it.  MotionComposer offer a clear user interface that lets you create beautiful animations effortlessly. Seamlessly publish content to any computer, smartphone, and/or tablet. In addition, optimized HTML5 code ensures the best performance of your content on iOS devices.

CrazyTalk7 Standard ($30): The world’s most popular facial animation tool – and Macworld’s Best of Show 2013! Simply turn any image into a talking 3D character. I’m excited to use this with my students.

Keep Reading to see the other software…

Ending Soon: Get 9 Great Mac Apps With The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0 [Deals]


Turn Your Mac Into a Monster. 


 Grab a stack of versatile and powerful Mac apps for just $29.99 courtesy of Wired Educator – before The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0 is gone for good!


Right now you can get $517 worth of Mac apps for just $29.99 with The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0. That’s nine powerful Mac apps to add to your digital toolbox for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them on their own.


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