Apple’s Back to School Promotion for Educators and Students, 2017


Apple’s Back to School promotion is back and you could get a $299.95 pair of Beats headphones!

Teachers and students that purchase a qualifying Mac will not only save money through the reduced education pricing, but they will also get a set of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones at NO extra cost. Qualifying  machines include the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro.

Teachers and students that purchase a new iPad Pro (either size) will receive a BeatsX worth $149.95 at no additional cost. (For a little more you can upgrade to Solo3 headphones or Powerbeats3 earphones.)

How do I take advantage of this offer? To take advantage of Apple’s Back to School promotion, you must be a student, parent, or teacher eligible for education pricing.

Learn more at Apple’s website for the Back to School promotion here. 

Apple is also offering students and teachers: Apple Music for just $4.99 a month.


WEP 0059: An Interview with Jon Jarc

The Crossroads of Technology, Empathy and Human Connections

2eoblcmmIn this podcast, Kelly interviews Jon Jarc. Jon is an Apple Distinguished Educator. This episode will “awaken” many fantastic ideas for you and your classroom. Get ready for an inspiring conversation with two passionate educators.

Jon is a teacher, technologist and artist. He has been teaching high school students for 18 years, and has worked as a free-lance graphic designer for the same. He enjoys designing solutions to complex tasks, and being creative in how technology can build literacy skills in all academic areas. Jon is also an avid photographer and music enthusiast.

Follow Jon on Twitter at @TrendingEdTech

If asked what kind of educator he is, Jon would say that he loves working on the bleeding edge of technology. In his classes this year he will be using drones, 3D printers, and computer programming to invent, create, discover, design, and produce awesome things! This semester, his 3D Design class is starting a partnership with “eNabling the Future”, an organization that pairs children in need of prosthetics with students and fabricators. He is looking forward to seeing how his designers (students) will develop solutions to problems where empathy and human connections are the primary focus of their work.

Jon is also the director of the newly formed school makerspace, aimed at bringing cutting-edge software, engineering and tooling to every student. His afterschool club focuses on creating, making, teamwork and self-discovery. He’s always looking to connect, create and innovate!

Mentioned in this podcast:
• Follow Jon on Twitter
• Jon’s books:
• Mya Animation Software
• Jon’s favorite books: The Power of Myth and The Hero’s Journey, both by Joseph Campbell
• One of Jon’s favorite apps, Clipstro
Kelly’s favorite 3-D Printer: And it’s inexpensive! Really! Only $399. 
Tickle App
• Swift Playgrounds
Sphero: I love this! Great for all classes. So many ideas!
• Kelly’s book: Along Came a Leader
Sponsoring a Wired Educator Podcast: This is how you do it.
Hour of Code: Anyone can start this! Yes, you! Do it.
Apple Teacher Program: Everybody should earn these badges.

Khan Academy Announces 21 Free Apps and New and Updated Courses

Khan logo vertical transparent

I received a very nice email from Khan Academy this morning. I am very impressed with all they have to offer learners. It really is amazing at how well developed and organized the Khan Academy is and the depth of learning you can access.

Teachers can use the site to supplement, reinforce and enhance the classroom experience. Students can use it independently or for remedial work.

The only area that I can find Khan lacking is in Reading and Writing. I would love to see Khan acquire or partner with Newsela to offer students great, contemporary nonfiction articles that are interesting to readers complete with text dependent questions and a writing prompt. Khan seems to cover everything well except for ELA.  I use both Newsela and Scope magazine for my seventh graders. The students are interested in using these resources because there is great variety and they are current. The metrics, diagnostics, and organization is okay and will hopefully improve. Newsless and Scope are NOT free, and this is really my point. Everything Khan offers is free.  It would be great to see a partnership or acquisition by Khan of these two sites, and then I think, Khan would be complete. (I’d also add some Swift programming course and some art resources if you’re asking.)

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21 Free Apps for Young Learners:

Khan has partnered with Duck Duck Moose, a developer of apps for young learners, is making all 21 of their Apps free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. These are great educational apps every young student should have on their device. 

 The Khan Academy: 

Khan has added some new courses and updated others. What a great list! Here is everything Khan Academy has to offer, organized for you in one concise space, complete with hyperlinks: 

Hi Kelly Croy,

As you head back to school, there’s only one thing you need to know: you can learn anything. Khan Academy is here to be your personal tutor throughout the school year. We have thousands of videos, articles, and exercises to help you sharpen your skills anytime, anywhere, all for free.

Here are some things you can learn on Khan Academy:

Advanced Placement & college prep
AP Calculus AB AP US history
AP Calculus BC AP Art history
AP Physics 1 SAT
AP Physics 2 College admissions 
AP Chemistry
K-2nd grade Algebra I
3rd grade Geometry
4th grade  Algebra II
5th grade  Trigonometry
6th grade  Statistics & probability
7th grade  Calculus
8th grade  Differential equations
Arithmetic Linear algebra
Science & engineering
Biology Health & medicine
Physics Electrical engineering
Chemistry Cosmology & astronomy
Organic chemistry
Computer programming Computer animation
Computer science
Arts & humanities
Art history US history
Grammar World history
Economics & finance
Microeconomics Finance & capital markets
Macroeconomics Entrepreneurship

Happy learning!
Girish and the Khan Academy team

Apple Launches 2016 Back to School Deal


Apple just launched its 2016 Back to School Deal.

Apple will include a free pair of Beats Solo2 wireless headphones with the purchase of an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air.

Apple will include a free pair of Beats Powerbeats2 wireless headphones with the purchase of an iPad Pro, iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6.

This Back to School promotion is very similar to last year.

Along with the Beats headphones purchasers get the standard Apple student education discount.  The discount is available all year long, but the discount and the free headphones expires September 5th and starts today. For many teachers and students this is the best time to purchase an Apple device.

Remember: Teachers always get educational pricing on Apple devices.  You must ask for it, and in some cases show evidence of employment: ID, certificate, check stub, etc. and unique to each store.

Notes of interest: I love Apple’s Back to School deals.  I do, however, recommend shopping around everywhere for the best deals. There are some amazing offers out there to help students and teachers save money. Also… all of the headphones are wireless.  Interesting.  Lots of rumors floating around about a new iPhone with no headphone port. And finally… I am waiting for a new MacBook Pro, so you may want to wait too.  I am hoping one is unveiled at the June 13th event.  We shall see.

WEP 0035: An Interview with Adam Bellow

bellow-adam-headshotKelly Croy interview Adam Bellow. Adam is a dedicated educational technologist and father. Starting as a classroom teacher, Bellow went on to create popular edtech tools eduTecher, eduClipper, WeLearnedIt, and Circuits. Adam currently is serving as a Presidential Innovation Fellow. He also serves as a board member for the EdCamp Foundation and speaks internationally about education and the power of technology to enhance learning.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Get one year free of with the promotional code mentioned in the Pre-roll. The promotional code to enter when you sign-up for a year of is “FreeYearWEP” and the WEP is for Wired Educator Podcast. Enjoy!

One of Adam’s most inspirational reads: Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson

Adam loves using Post-It-Notes. 

Adam created the following educational tech tools:




Adam created this  fun game:


Adam is a board member of EdCamp.

Adam is a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Adam’s productivity tip is using Trello to stay organized.

(Enjoy the podcast & please leave your 5-Star review on iTunes. Thanks!)