Big Universe: Great for Educators & the Child in Us All

Big Universe: A World of Online Children’s Books is an excellent website for educators and for the child in us all.  While this is article is primarily aimed at elementary educators, I believe we can all find some fun and use for this great site.

You are never too old for a good children’s book.  Even teaching middle shcool English there are a few times during the year I pull out a big picture book and share it with my students.  They chuckle and snort at first, but a  good book regardless of the genre makes an impact.  I am so happy to have stumbled upon the Big Universe Web site.

I’ve also always wanted to write a children’s book.  Now you can do both easily and for free at

Big Universe’s Web site allows you to read hundreds of children’s books for free, purchase children’s books, and even create your own children’s ebook complete with pictures using the Big Universe Author Tool.  You can see a demo of that tool on their site.

You can find out what new children’s books are out, read them, and read comments from others or leave your own. I really like that you can read the entire book, not just preview it. Sure, it is not as intimate as holding one in your hand and sharing it with a child, but I think this site is just great.

Using the online Big Universe Author Tool is very easy.  You can upload your own pictures or choose from one of the many libraries provided. The layout and writing format is also easy to use. You can even change the size of the book.  Once you have made your book, you can share it with the Big Universe online community, your students, child, or friends. You can also read creations by other Big Universe authors.

This website is doing so much right.  What a great find!  Please use it and pass this one along.

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