Apple’s First iOS Developer Academy to Open in October


Apple announced that its first iOS Developer Academy will open in October at the University of Naples Federico II in San Giovanni a Teaduccio, Naples, Italy. 

While Italy is pretty far for me, and many of the Wired Educator readers, this is still exciting for many reasons. 

This is the first academy, and the way the press release was worded in a join announcement by the University and Apple, saying it is the “first” means there will be more. Yay! I am excited and hoping for one near me soon.

Also, and maybe even more important is the fact that this iOS Developer Academy is FREE. That’s right, free. 

This first, free academy, will prepare more than 200 students with a nine month curriculum with more to follow after the first year. 

You can learn more at the University of Naples website where applicants will find an online test. Hmmmm. 

I have been working on my Swift coding and with the recent announcement of Swift Playgrounds at the last keynote, it appears that iOS developing is going big in the near future. It’s time for you and me to learn Swift and get in the game. 

Did I mention I am excited?

I have written many articles about learning Swift and iOS code in the classroom. This is another great step for students wanting to learn to code iOS apps. 


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