8 Ways to Start Learning Swift Programming Language on Your iPhone for Free

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Not Taylor Swift! Swift, the new programming language by Apple.

Before you purchase the best book on Swift programming, consider trying out some free resources right on your phone, iPad, or computer.

Yes, you can learn Swift Programming Language on your iPhone. Here is a variety of free resources to help you get started learning the new Swift Programming Language on your iPhone. Let me know your favorite in the comments. Also, if you know of any other resources please leave links in the comments. Thanks!

1. The Swift Programming Language iBook by Apple (iBook): Here is the link to the iBook which you can download and consumer on your iPhone. And remember, this is just book one, of the series. This is a great resource by Apple, Inc.

2. The Swift Programming Language iOS Developer website by Apple: This is Apple’s free Developer Library website on Swift free to everyone. Read the overview and check out all of the great free resources. Also check out Apple’s Swift Programming Language Library. Another great website by a third party is: TeamTreeHouse. They offer a great “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift.

3. Kodify a free iPhone app that works a little bit like DuoLingo does for Spanish. I really like this app. It currently has five learning modules with three more in development.  All free.  Here’s the link.

4. Swifty: Another free iPhone app that teaches the basics of Swift Basics. Offers in-app purchases as you progress. The introductory to Swift is very nice and free, and then the five in-app purchase chapters are .99 cents each or you can by them all for $2.99. A great start for free though. Nice app.

5. Udemy: is an app that allows you to download for free and purchase online course from Udemy and take the course on your phone. One of the courses is a great, free course titled An Introduction to Swift for Non-Programmers.

6. YouTube: Believe it or not, Apple has released a complete playlist for learning Swift on YouTube.  Yes, I said YouTube. There are currently 38 videos in this series. Here’s a link to the playlist.

7. The Swift Blog: This is a blog updated regularly by Apple about updates and resources on and information on The Swift Programming Language.  Check it out here.

8. iTunes University: iTunes U is a great way to learn many things and there are some great courses on how to learn swift. The most prestigious and noteworthy is of course Stanford’s  iTunes U Course: Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift. It’s free and amazing. You won’t believe how much content is offered.

[photo courtesy of Apple, Inc.]

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